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Five Fall Games That Keep Kids Clear of the Kitchen

Posted on November 08 2021

Five Fall Games That Keep Kids Clear of the Kitchen


Halloween is over, and by now you’ve probably put away those costumes, the witches, the ghosts, and candy until next year. Well, maybe not the candy, but you see where we’re going. November is a more joyful, spirited time that marks the beginning of the holiday season. It’s a time for family, friends, and food, all of which are enjoyed even more due to the cooler temperatures. 

Many of us are expecting company this month, which means you’ll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, especially on Thanksgiving. But, while you’re putting together your special family feast, your kids need something to keep them entertained, and more importantly, clear of the busy kitchen. Hot stoves, boiling water, sharp implements, etc. make the kitchen a jungle this time of year. That’s why it’s better to make sure that your little ones stay clear of the action.

The day will come when they take charge of their own kitchen for gatherings. But for now, it’s best to just let them have fun… as all kids should during the holidays. That’s why we’ve put together another list of fun games/activities for your little ones to enjoy during cooking time. They might even help them build up an appetite as well.

Some of the activities listed can be done indoors, while others can be done outdoors, or both. There are a couple that are really great if you have a lot of leaves in your yard. We’ll start with one of those. 

Treasure in a Leaf Pile (Outdoors)

Think of it as a more rewarding version of a needle in a haystack. Those leaves that have fallen in your backyard can come in handy after all. All you have to do is gather up those loose leaves and put them in a big pile. Pretty simple, right? Most people put the pile in a big plastic tub, a box, or a little blow-up pool. Just something to keep them all in one place, but you can just keep them on the ground if you want. From here, you can hide everything from candy to coins inside the pile and let the kids start the search. You can even invite some of the other adults to join in...if the ‘treasure’ is worth the effort.


Pumpkin Hunt (Indoors/Outdoors)

We list this one as an indoor/outdoor activity because scavenger hunts can be played in any environment. It’s also good if the weather is a little cooler than expected or if you’re just trying to keep everyone inside. Just make sure that the kitchen and other questionable areas are out of bounds.

We believe that kids are natural searchers. They love looking for things. That’s why we think they’ll enjoy searching for pumpkins that have been hidden in different places around the house or the yard. You can attach little prizes or treats to the pumpkins to make the game more interesting. Just a thought.

Leaf Blow Race (Indoors/Outdoors)

No, we are not asking you to get out the leaf blower and have the kids blow the leaves into a pile and bag’em up as quick as they can. Although, it would be very helpful, especially if your yard is constantly covered in them. This little game is much more simple than that, and can also be played inside or outside. How simple? Well, all that’s needed is a leaf, a straw, and flat service. Kids use the straw to blow the leaves across the table and off the edge, or over the finish line. The first one to do so wins. See? We said it was simple. It can also be quite fun if you give it a try yourself.

Candy Corn Spoon Race (Outdoors)

You can do this with any candy, but it’s more fun with candy corns or even pumpkin seeds, just to stick with the fall theme. It may also get a little messy, so it’s best if this race is held outside. You’ll need two containers of candy corns (or other candy) and a spoon for each player. The players are then divided into two teams, both of which form a single-file line. The two candy-filled containers are placed at the front of the line, while two more empty ones are placed at the end of the line.

The first player in each line will scoop up a pile of candy corn using their spoon and pass it to the spoon of the player next to them. The candy is passed from spoon to spoon until it reaches the candy at the back of the line, where that player dumps what’s left in the empty container. The candy chain continues until time runs. The team that’s able to fill their container with the most candy corns gets the win. Just expect to have a lot of candy on the ground when it’s over.

Leaf Points (Outdoors)

This last one is something we never thought about, but will definitely try with our little ones. If you don’t have leaves, you can use scraps of paper. Just make sure you have a good amount. Each leaf or scrap will have a number written on it. After every piece is given a number, the pile is thrown into the air. Players can then attempt to grasp as many of those sleeves/scraps as they can. Once all the pieces have been gathered, players will add up the total. The player with the highest total wins.

The coolest thing about these games is that they don’t really require trips to the store or spending a lot of money. Most of the materials needed for each one can be found around the house or in the backyard. That’s always a plus. 

Until next time, stay warm and stay safe.


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