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Cartwheel Shorts For Any Occasion

Monkeybar Buddies: From a love of play comes a product that encourages it.

Kids are amazing – especially when they’re expressing themselves. Whether they’re running, jumping, climbing or dancing, there’s nothing better than seeing girls and young women comfortable in their own skin. That’s why we design products to make every girl feel comfortable no matter what the activity, from playing on the playground, to riding a bike around the block, to walking to school, engaging in competitive sports, or just lounging around the house with friends.

Our cartwheel shorts offer worry-free play, without the bunching, sticking, or bulk that comes from layering.

The perfect solution for any season.

Where there’s a need, there’s a Monkeybar Buddies product. We’re here to offer the perfect piece no matter the occasion. But, at our core, we’re here to offer something much more than that. We’re here to offer something that can often be hard to find: A way for girls to be who they really are, while wearing clothes they love. A way for girls, ultimately, to be free.

As Monkeybar Buddies founder Gina Wissmiller says, “Part of being confident is being comfortable and not being hindered by what you’re wearing. Knowing that you’re covered? It helps you truly be yourself. It makes you shine.”

And that is what Monkeybar Buddies is all about.