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Kids are amazing – especially when they’re expressing themselves. Whether they’re running, jumping, climbing or dancing, there’s nothing better than seeing girls and young women comfortable in their own skin. And that’s what Monkeybar Buddies is all about.  “One of my daughters stopped wearing dresses,” said Gina Wissmiller, founder of MBB. “She wanted to hang upside down from the monkey bars. She wanted to play at recess! And she couldn’t do that without wearing pants.  ”Then, when her younger daughter brought home a note from pre-school saying that something had to be worn under dresses, Gina knew it was time to look for a solution. That’s when she discovered the product she wanted – and her daughters needed – didn’t exist.

From a love of play comes a product that encourages it.

“We just decided to make the kind of shorts we wanted: slim that wouldn’t be bulky under dresses. We wanted little shorts that were comfy, easy to wear, and made you feel good – so you could be yourself.” Gina made a few samples – with the help and advice of her daughters. Then she made 100 pairs and gave them to friends. And as it turned out? It wasn’t enough. They wanted more!

That’s how it started. Monkeybar Buddies got into five boutiques and a retail store. And when everyone started re-ordering, Gina knew she was onto something.

Where there’s a need? There’s an MBB product.

Just like in the beginning, MBB has always been about making products that “get it.” So when Gina's daughters got older and wanted a product that wouldn’t show under leggings, she saw another opportunity.

“When girls get into high school, everyone is wearing leggings and volleyball shorts and there isn't a basic layer available for them to wear under these things,” Gina said. “And that's how the Seamless line came about.”

Seamless is the perfect product for tween/teen girls who have outgrown MBB Classic but still want something comfy that keeps them covered but doesn’t show under clothing.

“I'm sporty, but I like dresses,” Gina said. “I was always the girl who wanted to do everything at recess. And I think that spirit continues, even when you’re older. Part of being confident is being comfortable and not being hindered by what you’re wearing. Knowing that you’re covered? And there are no panty lines? It helps you truly be yourself. It makes you shine.”

And that’s what MBB is all about.