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Seamless Panties Brights Bundle (Barely Buddies 3 Pack)

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Sometimes the best accessory is the one you can't even see.

Ready to put it all out there without putting it all out there? We’re talking underwear here, which means it has to be just as comfortable, if not more comfortable, than your outerwear! That’s why we put extra special care into crafting these intimates/underwear. They’re colorful, comfortable, and basically invisible. You won’t find any seams or lines, so that means there’s nothing to show once they’re under your clothes. No one will see them, and thanks to the super soft material, you may even forget that you’re wearing them. Underwear like this lets you wear what you want, when you want, and how you want without having to worry about what’s being worn over it. Now that’s the kind of freedom we enjoy...and you will too!



  • No seams or lines so they won't show under clothing.
  • Comfortable - Super soft against the skin. Because who doesn’t want to be comfortable?
  • They stay in place & keep you covered. They won’t roam where you don’t want them to.
  • Pretty colors & beautiful lace trim – Because wearing something pretty just makes you feel good.


Sold in a 3-pack of Bright or Light colors.