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The 18 Mom and Family Blogs We’re Following in 2018

Posted on September 19 2018

Best Mom Blogs of 2018

Over the course of the year, we at Monkey Bar Buddies have kept an eye on all the best blogs for those looking to navigate the murky, often choppy waters of family life. The type of blogs that add a little something special into the world (wide web) for the benefit of others in similar positions. They not only offer a great supply of recommended products and services, but also provide necessary advice and conversation – a safe place without the judgment that often adds unnecessary pressure to the always-changing, ever-evolving process of raising children.

These blogs – and their far-reaching social media platforms, YouTube channels, podcasts episodes and more – offer an indispensable resource for new and veteran moms alike.

Without further ado, here are our favorite mom (and family-oriented) blogs for 2018.



Baby Chick Blog 

Baby Chick

Baby Chick has you covered starting day one. Earlier than that even, as you’ll find thoughts, news, ideas, and information on how to live your best life before the little one is even born. And, as he/she continues to grow, useful articles on fashion, beauty, fitness, parenting and more keep things interesting, and helpful, every step of the way.

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Be A Fun Mum Blog

Be A Fun Mum

Parenting is an adventure. Every minute of every day. And while these adventures can often be harrowing, they should also be fun. This is the philosophy behind the Be A Fun Mum community, at least, and its founder Kelly Long Burstow. Pieces focus on arts, crafts, design, and, more importantly, the culture surrounding being a mom and, most importantly, the joys of motherhood. As they say, “Be a Fun Mum is an attitude, not something you do.”

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Design Mom Blog

Design Mom 

Dedicated to the beauty in life, no matter how big or small, or what form it takes, Design Mom features highlights you find at the “Intersection of Design & Motherhood.” DIY projects and home tours, to book reviews, family-friendly travel – and, of course, plenty of discussion on how to implement these ideas yourself while balancing a busy, often hectic schedule.

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 Rainy Day Mom Blog

Rainy Day Mum - Living Naturally with Kids 

We travel across the Atlantic to find this fantastic resource for recipes, crafts, travel, and an endless stream of ideas for how to spend quality time with those special little people in our lives – even (especially) when the sun isn’t shining. Okay, so we didn’t actually travel to the UK – but that’s the beauty of the internet. We can tag along, and change our lives, no matter our current circumstances. 

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Soccer Mom Blog

The Soccer Mom Blog

Houston, Texas-based Stacy Garska Rodriguez isn’t shy about sharing the trials and errors of motherhood. We can all appreciate when something goes right, but we can definitely relate when something goes awry. It’s all about, as she says, “Whatever Works” at the end of the day and the learning you gain along the way. Have something of your own you’d like to share? Find tips on how to start your own blog here as well. 

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Cool Mom Picks Blog

Cool Mom Picks

Your one-stop-shop for everything, really, everything you need to make the most of motherhood. Looking for gifts? Check. Back to school guide? Sure. Ideas for food and drink? That too. The idea is that raising children takes a lot of work, and there is not part of life that isn’t applicable to the process. Cool Mom Picks simply helps you narrow down your options. And, for the mom on the go, there’s even a podcast so that no moment goes to waste.

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Rockin' Mama Blog

Rockin’ Mama

This Orange County mom is all about the good things in life. Life gets better after motherhood, as she’ll be quick to tell you exactly how it was for her. But it’s not about following in the footsteps of someone, as she’ll tell you as well, but finding your own. This blog documents day-to-day in all of its colorful, crazy, messy, beautiful glory – and you’re sure to have a blast coming along for the ride.

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Mix and Match Mama Blog

Mix and Match Mama

Celebrated author and travel enthusiast (she also owns a travel agency to help you plan your next trip...) Shay Shull wants to share a little positivity with the world: Things to be grateful for, things that make life worth living, and, perhaps most importantly, the things that we can share with family and friends. Her continuing story of faith, adoption and motherhood, with plenty of good food along the way, will have you cheering through the computer screen.

P.S. This is the best blog for family-friendly, easy-to-make, always delicious recipes. that your kids will love just as much as you.

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The Fashionable Housewife Blog

The Fashionable Housewife

The name of this New Hampshire-based blog gives a pretty good indication of what you’ll find within. But to think it ends with picking out outfits for busy moms, you’d be grossly mistaken. Posts also discuss health and beauty, recipes, and homemaking. And it goes beyond the surface, discussing the ins-and-outs of parenting and marriage in an intimate, personal, and personable, way. Think of the Fashionable Housewife as your guide to navigating life, with and without children.

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Selfish Mother Blog


This one’s for you. Literally. Selfish Mother is a blogging platform based on your words – your thoughts, your ideas, your stories, your advice, your questions. Your blogs. Everything from baby food to adult food, pop culture, social justice, poetry, how-to guides, memoirs, or (just about) any/everything else you can think of is welcome here, published unfiltered by editor Molly Gunn. Follow the link above to get involved.

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Busy Mommy Blog

Busy Mommy: An Iowa Mom Blog

Emily has five kids. Four of them joined her family through adoption. This unique insight may shape her mission, but it certainly doesn’t limit define the platform: This blog is about family as a whole, as a unit, and how together you can do better in the world. This sort of positivity doesn’t pressure you to change your life (unless you want to) but offers instead insight to the why behind living a life of social responsibility – even for the busiest of parents – as much as the how.

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Fabulous Mom Blog

Fabulous Mom Blog | Maneuvering Motherhood

In a world of high-end baby gear, infinite champagne brunches, wonderful family vacations, and the countless selfies and pics to prove it, life’s basic needs sometimes seem to get lost in the shuffle. Tiffany Cruz is here to help as the Fabulous Mom, reminding us that even the day-to-day activities of a (single) mom’s life can be fabulous, too.


B-Inspired Mom Blog

B-Inspired Mama

With all of the arts and crafts, DIY projects, recipes, and creative endeavors you might expect from a former art teacher, Krissy Bonning-Gould is the type of hands-on mom we all wish we could be. To live a vivacious life of color and sound, or at least get an idea of where to start, the B-Inspired blog is the first place you should go.

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Oh She Glows Mom Blog

Oh She Glows

We’ll be the first admit that making changes to diet can be hard. Seemingly impossible, at times. And while we haven’t gone full vegetarian (let alone vegan), the words and foods featured on Angela Liddon’s site have helped to redefine our relationship with food – and offer (more than) a few healthy options and alternatives that your kids are sure to love as well. It’s all about balance, right? Right.

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My Brown Baby Mom Blog

My Brown Baby

No topic is off limits on this dynamic blog dedicated to the lives, joys, and struggles of black moms everywhere. The recipes will keep the whole family smiling, as will the stories, and the thoughtful commentary on everything from the best books for babies, to the influence of celebrities in culture and family alike, to the ever-shifting, always-changing tides that redefine the family dynamic, what it can, and what it should what seems like every time we turn around.

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Pregnant Chicken Mom Blog

Pregnant Chicken

Raising a family means a rollercoaster of emotions – often all in the same day. With that in mind, Pregnant Chicken offers content to cover no matter which curve you’re currently riding: Looking to laugh? The Asshattery section should take good care of you. Cry? The Loss section is a good reminder that we’ve all been there – and we’ve all gotten through it. There’s even a section For Dads, because the men in our lives need a little love as well.

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Aha Parenting Blog

Aha! Parenting

If we’re looking for advice from a professional, i.e. no frills, no need for cutesie pictures or whimsical details of picnics in the woods, real, practical advice for real, practical problems, we turn to Dr. Laura Markham’s blog at Aha! Parenting. She shares studies, breaking news, relevant information, and always offers a compassion and respect when discussing how to deal with parenting in real time.

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Modern Mom Blog

Modern Mom

Don’t let the sleek layout and impressive pedigree (it’s run by Brooke Burke and Lisa Rosenblatt) fool you: This is an intimate look at things moms face over the course of a day, month, year, lifetime... with a personal approach on how best to deal with them. There are plenty of tips and tricks, as you might expect, but also interesting takes on topical issues, tech, careers and more. Being a mom and being on top of the world are one and the same thing here.

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