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Six spring activities for families to enjoy

Posted on March 22 2022


Spring officially begins on March 22nd. That means if you live in certain areas of the country, you can probably lower the heat a little, start opening up some windows, and let the warmth back into your home. It’s also a good idea to maybe revamp some of the outdoor activities that you left behind shortly after Halloween. And possibly this spring is the time to start up some new outdoor adventures that you and your little ones can have fun with together. 

We’ve actually been thinking about some new spring activities ourselves, which is why we put together another listicle of a few ideas that can make this spring season even more beautiful. Below, you will find six spring activities, all of which can help you make the most of the warmer weather and get your whole family back in the spring swing of things!


1. Start a garden

Whether it’s flowers or vegetables, this is the best time for you to start thinking about growing your own garden, if you have the space for one. Again, the weather may not be suitable yet, depending on where you live, but even if you are in a colder region, April is usually the best time to get your garden going. The rain in April will have your garden looking great in May…or June. So, grab your little one and decide what you want to grow. If the weather is warmer where you are, you can even start preparing the soil and planting the seeds now if you want. 

2. Prepare for Easter

Easter is a great time to be a kid! You’ve got nicer weather, eggs to paint, and a fun hunt to look forward to. Of course, just because it falls in April doesn’t mean you can’t start painting eggs and preparing for the hunt now. In fact, it’s never too early when it comes to planning a fun-filled day for your little ones. So, use this time to stock up on paints, eggs, and maybe some decorations. You can even think about getting some supplies for DIY Easter projects or decorations that the whole family can help out with.

3. Plan a camping trip

Spring is the time to shake off the snow, turn off the heat, and start enjoying the great outdoors again. But if you and your little ones need a change in scenery, a camping trip may be just what you need. This is actually the perfect time to load up the car, truck, and/or trailer and head to your favorite camping grounds. The warmer days and cool nights are what make Spring such a great season for campers. Tents, fishing, fires, s’mores, stories, there’s nothing better than that, especially when the sun is shining during the day and the stars are gleaming at night. Granted, it’s March and may still be a little too cold to go camping in some areas. If that’s the case, you can use this time to start researching campgrounds near you and preparing a checklist of supplies that you’re going to need in order to make it as fun for your little ones as possible.

4. Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is a great way to get your family involved in more eco-friendly activities that give back to the beautiful planet that we all call home. In fact, many of the activities on this list would be ideal for doing on Earth Day. Anything that involves spending the day outside (and turning off the electronics) is just fine. You can even use this day to change how you and your family go about making your household more efficient and eco-friendly. Maybe start using less water or perhaps turning off electronics that are not being used or focus more on keeping the world outside your home litter-free. Earth Day won’t officially be here until April, but let’s be honest, it’s something that we should celebrate every day…when we can. 

5. Build a treehouse

This one is definitely for the whole family to get involved with. There are many ways to build a treehouse, and it can be as big, small, low, or high as the trees in your yard allow. So, if there’s a tree that appears to have the strength and shape suitable for a treehouse, it’s worth a try. Maybe consult with an arborist before moving forward. It’s a great project for kids to be a part of, especially since they will most likely be the ones spending the most time in it. Mind you, a lot of planning and supplies go into the construction of a treehouse, so even if the temperatures are still on the colder side where you are, there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead. Once the weather is warm, you can ‘spring’ your plan into action. If you do decide to go ahead with the project, just make sure that your little helpers have tasks that are safe and away from some of the more complicated steps that may be potentially dangerous. If done the right way, it will quickly become like a second home for your little ones. You’ll see.

6. Go on more picnics

Once again, Spring is the time to be outside as often as possible. After all, you just went through a cold winter, and now that things are warming up a bit, you can finally think about giving your dinner table a break. If the weather is warm enough near you, maybe start planning some picnics with the family. You don’t have to go far, just make it a point to get everyone outside and enjoy a meal together under the sun. Picnics are great because they don’t have to be all about food. Perhaps bring some outdoor games with you that will let your little ones work up an appetite. Also, when it comes to picnics, the more the merrier. So, try to invite friends, family, neighbors, or whoever else you think will enjoy tagging along and make a day of it. Who knows, you may find yourself making it a weekly outing. 

So, what do you think? Do any of these activities sound like something you and your little ones would be interested in? If so, be sure to wait for the right day/week to try one or two, or three, of them. We want you all to have some fun this spring and enjoy all that the warmer weather has to offer, both outside and inside.

With that, we leave you with this quote from Jessica Harrelson - “Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is”


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