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Posted on February 27 2018

Welcome to our second-ever, super informative, noninvasive newsletter! Thank you for inviting us into your inbox - we have some exciting news to share.

We are taking the guesswork out of shipping! Finally, from Monkeybar Buddies – wait for it…. Drum roll…… Flat Rate Shipping!!! All orders will now ship for $5.00 to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada! Buy one pair - $5.00 shipping. Purchase 5 pairs (one for each school day, of course) - $5.00! No need to place a mock order to see how much it will cost. The product comes priority mail to you as always. So now’s the perfect time to stock up for summer... we anticipate sundresses, somersaults, and tree climbing galore!

If it’s been a while since you’ve shopped with us – come see what’s new at And if you haven’t already – please like us on FB, Instagram, and Pinterest - we have good stuff to share there, too!

We appreciate your past and future business.


Monkeybar Buddies

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