Why MBB?

We love products that get it. And not just the fashion part, but the part that works. The part that doesn't bunch, show under clothing, or wear out after five rounds in the washing machine.

MBB is made of moxie, but we’re also made of a special, heavy-weighted blend of spandex and nylon. Why? Because cotton blends show under clothing and don’t move with you. And thinner spandex/nylon blends move, but they don’t last. That's why we use the perfect combination to create a fabric that stretches – and so much more.

How does undergear get it?

  • Multi-purpose!
  • Can get wet, like a bathing suit
  • Goes from soccer to sleepovers (and everything in between)
  • Can wash again and again, year after year – and it retains its shape!
  • Super soft against the skin
  • Fashionable, whether you see it or not
  • Doesn't show, doesn't bunch, doesn't stick to skirts
  • Gives you the confidence you need to do your thing